Twisted willow


Following the sell out Corylus branch, may we introduce our new twisted willow…

Raw and organic in their shape, these branches are breath-takingly simplistic. Add these twisted beauties to any space to create an eye-catching earthy vibe. Absolutely perfect for pairing with one of our Antique Vessels.

Details about twisted willow

  • Measures: between 80-100cm (this product varies)
  • Can be easily trimmed with garden sheers
  • Trimming service: please let us know if you’d like them cut to a certain size


Please note: being a natural product, no two twisted willow branches are the same – but that’s the beauty of them. Each branch varies in twists, shape, length, thickness and colouring. This is a raw product, so it is not ‘perfect’, and that’s exactly why we love it so much. Some orders will receive one branch, which features multiple smaller branches that stem from it, other orders may receive a couple branches that equates to the same. We carefully hand-pick each order, so we’ll always make sure you’ve got a bundle you’ll adore. 

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