Antique vessel | No.218


A breath-taking gradient of ashy black to burnt terracotta, this Turkish vessel really steals the show. On one side, it’s dark and moody, the other it’s vibrant and red – it’s like owning two vessels in one!

Pairs well with our preserved olive branches.

Height: 46cm
Width: 32cm
Neck opening: 12cm

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About the collection:

As featured in Vogue and The World of Interiors, our collection of one-of-a-kind antiques are perfect for creating a rustic Mediterranean or wabi-sabi vibe in your home. Dating up to 150 years old, these gorgeous pieces of pottery were handmade in Europe and once used in the preservation of foods, water and olive oil.

Our antique vessels formed an integral part of every day life and each one features the most incredible patina from years upon years of loyal use. Every single piece has been hand picked by us and is just bursting with individual character, story and soul. Remember, once a piece is gone – it’s gone forever.

Please note: Being antique, these pieces are imperfect. Each piece ranges, but all have significant signs of age, are charmingly weathered and can have knocks/bumps/discolouration/small surface cracks etc. Our vessels can be displayed both indoors and outdoors. Measurements are approximate due to their organic shape.