Wondering why your pampas grass isn’t looking as fluffy as the pictures? Don’t fear! There are some simple steps you need to take to achieve maximum fluffy goodness. We’ll take you through it step by step below.



They’ve been on a long journey, so it’s natural for pampas grass plumes to flatten during transit. In order to make them super fluffy again, you need to give them a good, salon-quality blow dry. Ok, just kidding, but you will need a hairdryer.

– Set your hairdryer to hottest heat and the lowest speed setting
– Go up and down the stem, making sure to pay attention to every bit
– Don’t be afraid to really get into the plume, this is how you achieve the best fluff
– We tend to spend about 5 minutes on each stem

Pro tip: If you can stretch your hairdryer out the back door, you won’t have to hoover up the fluff when you’re done!



Next, grab your vase. Any vase will do, though we do tend to display our pampas grass stems in bottleneck style vases. We find it’s easier to position them without them falling about like it’s 2am outside the local chippy.

Don’t forget, you can also easily trim the stems with scissors should you want to make them any shorter.



Once you’re happy with how your pampas grass is styled, give them a light mist of any hairspray. Don’t saturate the plumes and try to keep roughly an arms distance away from them.

Hairspraying pampas grass will help to ‘lock’ the plumes in place and minimise any shedding. Should you notice the they start to shed at any point in the future, you can give them another light hairspray.



You’ll be pleased to hear that pampas grass requires very little maintenance. They are dried, therefore, do not need watering.

Do try to keep them away from moisture as much as possible. They are also quite delicate, so avoid placing them where they can get easily bumped and knocked.

To keep your plumes in good condition, every six months or so, give them a little shake outside to get rid of any dust. Pop them in the sun or give them another blow dry should they start to shrink, then hairspray again to set in place.


On the hunt for pampas grass for your home? You’re in the right place. We have a beautiful range of high-quality pampas grass and other delicious dried flowers to choose from. Alternatively, if you’ve already bought from us and want to show off your fluff – tag us on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our page.