Our antique pottery is, by far, the most popular of all our collection pieces. But why? Here are the 10 reasons why we love styling antique pottery in our home and why we think our customers love them too…

1. They’re one-of-a-kind

A piece of antique pottery

The real beauty of antique pottery is that your piece is completely one-of-a-kind. Years upon years of loyal use and weathering means these pieces are unique as fingerprints. The intricate details of wear and tear across the surface, it’s art.


2. The stories they could tell

If you were over 100 years old, can you imagine all the incredible stories you could tell? Our antique pottery formed an integral part of historic European life, primarily used in the preservation and transportation of foods, olive oils and water. The journeys they’ve taken, the places they’ve been, the conversations they’ve heard. If only they could tell us.


3. Their outstanding beauty

There’s beauty in the detail, the form, the organic shape. The tapestry of colours, tones and textures. To stand in front of one of these pieces, is truly eye capturing.


4. One word: patina

Often described as ‘a surface appearance of something grown beautiful, especially with age or use’, patina is the layers upon layers of wear, weathering and use that you can only truly achieve with old age. It’s quite spectacular to get up close and study the detail.


5. Owning a piece of history

For us, it’s the excitement of owning your own little piece of history. Owning something oozing with character and soul. To give an old piece of pottery a new chapter in its incredibly old life feels particularly special to us.


6. A talking point for your home

With so many stories to tell, antique pottery is a fantastic talking point in your home when you’re visited by guests. Not only are they striking to look at, but they really do have a way of capturing the imagination of the beholder.


7. Floral arrangements

Stunning enough to style in your home simply on their own, but also a fantastic vessel to house dried floral arrangements or even fresh flowers. The opportunities and the versatility of these pieces are endless. Olive branches, blossom branches, twisted willow, eucalyptus leaves, are just some of the things that pair beautifully.


8. Rustic charm

Whether you’re inspired by Mediterranean farmhouses, the ancient wabi-sabi style, minimalistic interiors, organic modern style – antique pieces offer a charm like no other, that can complement quite literally any style, space or home.


9. Make a statement

an olive tree and antique vessel

It’s hard not to make a statement when styling these pottery pieces in your home. Especially if you opt for a large, floor standing piece. We love pairing our large and extra-large pottery with olive trees and floor standing mirrors to make a real statement.


10. Celebrating individual style

Being one-of-a-kind, you have the freedom to pick an antique pottery piece that suits… you. We love celebrating being different, having style that is authentically you and we particularly enjoy having a piece in our home that no one else owns.


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